[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 17073] Safari auto-quits on SVG-enhanced page

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Wed Jan 30 23:08:30 PST 2008


------- Comment #7 from mrowe at apple.com  2008-01-30 23:08 PDT -------
Do you have any Safari extensions installed?  What about plugins that may be
taking over the rendering of SVG (eg, the Adobe SVG plugin)?

If you're familiar with gdb I would appreciate if you could set a breakpoint on
exit, and then get a backtrace at the point which it is called.  Something like
the following:

(gdb) b exit
[0] cancel
[1] all

Non-debugging symbols:
[2]    +[NSThread exit]
[3]    exit
> 3
Breakpoint 3 at 0x92850415
(gdb) r
Breakpoint 3, 0x92850415 in exit ()
(gdb) bt


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