[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 16795] WebKitGtk crashes when there is no focused Frame

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------- Comment #7 from alp at atoker.com  2008-01-25 09:34 PDT -------
The first step in fixing this issue consistently is understanding and
validating what core() does in webkitprivate.cpp:

WebCore::Page* core(WebKitWebView* webView)
    if (!webView)
        return 0;

    WebKitWebViewPrivate* webViewData = WEBKIT_WEB_VIEW_GET_PRIVATE(webView);
    return webViewData ? webViewData->corePage : 0;

So, if webView is NULL, the return is NULL. No warning is given.
If webView is not NULL, the return can either be the corePage or NULL.

This is pretty much equivalent to what Win does:

Page* core(IWebView* iWebView)
    Page* page = 0;

    COMPtr<WebView> webView;
    if (SUCCEEDED(iWebView->QueryInterface(&webView)) && webView)
        page = webView->page();

    return page;

We need to examine the WebKit API layer code now keeping these rules in mind..

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