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> The site changed and this bug is not reproducible any more. The way Webkit
> calculates the width of a text field and a text area is still different from
> that of FF and IE and it breaks layouts in some Chinese web sites. Perhaps, a
> separate bug needs to be filed to track that issue (if not already filed).

It's helpful to have a local copy (or reduction) of pages for this very reason.
 Sometimes it's as easy as:

- Saving a web page a "source" and adding a <base> tag (this method is still
susceptible to the web site changing CSS or images or other resources, but may
preserve enough to reproduce the bug)

- Saving a webarchive of the original page (make sure the bug reproduces with
no network connection, though, as webarchives don't always contain every
resource they should)

- Saving a web page as "Web page, complete" from Firefox, then loading it in
Safari to make sure the issue reproduces (sometimes different content will be
served to Firefox, which is why it's important to test the issue reproduces)

Once you're sure the issue reproduces, attach the source file, the webarchive
file, or a zip of the Firefox "web page, complete" files to the bug.

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