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------- Comment #3 from tofu.linden at lindenlab.com  2008-01-15 15:32 PDT -------
One of my goals with WebKit integration is to be able to use the
officially-exported API of the 'official' WebKit trunk; I hate unnecessary
forks.  I understand that the API isn't really fleshed-out to that point yet. 

Now, I asked on #webkit-gtk whether this should be a new webkit-target or
whether this can adequately layer on top of the nice GTK+ interface.  Alp
suggested (correct me if I'm wrong, Alp) that there has been interest in making
the API expose the required functionality (the underlying Cairo buffer/context,
at least, at the WebKit/GTK+ level) but uncertainty about what the API
requirements really look like.

I'm hoping we can work out answers to some of these issues here.

I'm going to attach the interface definition of our app's new work-in-progress
media abstraction layer which is probably a fair discussion point - this is the
same interface that's currently wrapping the functionality we need from Gecko
but it's not Gecko-centric (e.g. it wraps some other media types such as
QuickTime movies).

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