[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 16731] unexpected #cdata sections when injecting into XHTML DOM served as application/xhtml+xml

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> Worth noting also, when using XMLHttpRequest to get an xhtml chunk, served as
> application/xhtml+xml and injected from responseXML using DOM methods, injected
> elements are not valid HTML elements if there is no explicit namespace through
> xmlns attribute on the container element.

This part is correct: elements being inserted have a null namespace, so they
are not treated as XHTML elements. Firefox gives the same result, of course.

It's a bit unfortunate that Web Inspector gives no indication of a problem in
this case: e.g., both xhtml:a and null:a elements are displayed as "a". Also,
XMLSerializer serializes this incorrectly (Firefox has the same problem). Filed
bug 16739 and bug 16740 for these issues; let's keep this bug focused on
tracking just #cdata-section issue.

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