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------- Comment #4 from brkemper at comcast.net  2008-02-23 10:13 PDT -------
I agree that the spec should be changed. Its hardly useful to have a page
totally ignore the author's intentions. Personally, I think Safari should just
ignore the spec in this case, same as other browsers do, and eventually the
spec will have to change to reflect real world needs and the software that
fulfills them.

For what it's worth, there is a workaround that I have used. Instead of
positioning the 4 sides of the iframe, position the 4 sides of a container
(like a DIV, for instance, with no padding) around the iframe instead. Then use
100% width and 100% height on the iframe (with no border or margin). That seems
to work in HTML 4.01 Transitional at least. Not sure about with strict DTD.

Why a browser should allow the width and height to be set by percentage but not
by positioning all four edges is beyond me.

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