[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 17444] nested script inside external script cause error

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Wed Feb 20 02:40:39 PST 2008


------- Comment #3 from johnnyding.webkit at gmail.com  2008-02-20 02:40 PDT -------
Download both html file and script file to your local file system. The expected
behavior is to display 'external_script_1', but
'put_content("external_script_1")" is displayed instead.

This is because, in HTMLTokenizer::write(HTMLTokenizer.cpp line:1345), the code
checks 'pendingScripts.isEmpty()' to decide whether to save prependingSrc or
not. However, in HTMLTokenizer::scriptHandler(HTMLTokenizer.cpp line:485) and
HTMLTokenizer::scriptExecution(HTMLTokenizer.cpp line:544), the code checks
testBit:LoadingExtScript to decide whether to save prependingSrc or not. The
later behavior is not right because, in scriptHandler and scriptExecution, even
the pendingScripts queue is empty, the testBit:LoadingExtScript might be TRUE,
(it may not be updated until the end of the function).

A patch is coming soon.

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