[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 17406] Tab does not shift focus away from text form fields (text-input and text-area)

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Mon Feb 18 01:14:08 PST 2008


------- Comment #4 from isherman at netzero.net  2008-02-18 01:14 PDT -------
Ack... nevermind.  I just realized that I recently installed the haxie
TextExtras, which among other things added a custom key binding dictionary to
~/Library/KeyBindings that remapped the tab key bindings:

/* Better tab */
    "\011" = "TE_indentFriendlyInsertTab:";
    "^i" = "insertTab:";  /* Ctrl-i in case TextExtras isn't around */
    "^\011" = "insertTab:";  /* Ctrl-tab in case TextExtras isn't around */

I'm curious though:  Why does this only break the tab behavior on the webkit
nightlies, and not in the official Safari 3, and other browsers (e.g. Camino)? 
Should it be the tab key press or the "insertTab:" selector that triggers form
field switching?

Feel free to close this as invalid if the new behavior is indeed intended with
such a remapped key binding.

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