[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 13099] Google Reader: Scrolling past the last article in the reading list causes the entire page to scroll

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Fri Feb 15 16:46:12 PST 2008


------- Comment #9 from stashmanguitar at gmail.com  2008-02-15 16:46 PDT -------
Also, when using the latest build on 10.5.2, the key commands seem to be mixed
up. I cannot use the Page Up/Down, Home/End, or the directional keys to scroll
down the different feeds like I used to. The only thing that works is the Space
Bar. "J" seems to act like the Down key, "K" for up, "S" adds a star to the
article, "A" opens up an "add subscription" box, "E" opens an email box, "M"
marks the article as read/unread, "R" reloads the feeds,  "U" opens the
subscriptions box, "F" opens up a "Friends' Articles" page, and "/" tabs to the
search bar. That's all I've found so far. I'll keep looking for more. Hope this
gets resolved soon as I use Google Reader as my main RSS app between my MBP and
iPhone and since Webkit seems so much snappier than regular Safari.

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