[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 17311] REGRESSION (3.0.4-TOT): Several pseudocolors (CSS2, originally defined by MS) are badly assigned

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Fri Feb 15 03:09:05 PST 2008


------- Comment #11 from gregharewood at mac.com  2008-02-15 03:09 PDT -------

Mostly I think you have a well-considered new plan that is true to the
Windows's intent but uses Mac variations where appropriate.  You show HighLight
as light blue, but your current implementation actually takes it from the
user-chosen text selection color.  Mine's purple.  Looks nice for text, lousy
for menus.  (You could hard-code the light-blue.) You don't explain your
reasoning, and I grant you that it is frequently used in the field for text
highlighting.  BUt it IS intended for highlighting of menu items, and MS's
colors reflect that.  If you've made an informed choice on field usage then
I'll shut up, but I just wanted you to know.  Quoting from....


"Highlight  -  Item(s) selected in a control.
HighlightText  -  Text of item(s) selected in a control."

A whole item - like a menu item.  In a control.  Like a menu.

This would imply white on bright blue.

That's all.  You guys are doing a great great job here.  Thank you so much!! G.

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