[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 17186] Fragment navigations within a page permanently cancels scheduled meta-refreshes

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------- Comment #5 from timmmaaayyy at gmail.com  2008-02-13 11:09 PDT -------
Re: the test - I've asked around several times on #webkit for help and have
spoken 1/1 with some webkit developers, and I spent a day or two trying to
write a good test. But it is absolutely possible you know something I don't and
I'd be willing to give it another go if you give me a pointer. The main
problem: I don't see a way to use the layout test controller to maintain state
(exposed to the page itself) across loads of the page, and I need to do this so
that I know after I fake a link click on the anchor, how many times the page
(with identical url) has been loaded. AFAIK, I can't add URL params or modify
the urls involved to point at a "server side" script because that will cause
FrameLoader::shouldReload to behave differently and I wont end up testing
exactly this situation.

I'm all ears.

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