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------- Comment #17 from mbrodie at gene.com  2008-02-13 10:45 PDT -------

> So that leaves just one issue unfiled: that WebKit inserts unnecessary spans
> during some editing operations.  Danny Bloemendaal mentioned this one.  Danny,
> could you please file a new bug and provide steps to reproduce?
> Let me know if I've left something out here.

I stumbled onto this thread while searching for any information on
"Apple-Style-Span" and Apple's Mail.app interaction with MS Outlook. I work in
a large company that has both Windoze and Macs. When I send rich text email
from my Mac (Mail v2.1.1) to an Outlook client, Outlook doesn't know how to
interpret the Apple-Style-Span, and renders the email font as default Times New
Roman 12 - even if I send in Ariel. I've done a lot of looking, and it appears
the Apple-Style-Span is the culprit. I absolutely love Mail, but I am
embarrassed to see my nicely formatted emails end up looking crappy in Outlook.

Does anyone know (1) how to configure Mail.app to not send these tags within
Rich Text; or (2) apply a script post-email to remove them? As the discussion
appears to me, this is a bug in WebKit that isn't being addressed currently.
I'd appreciate any guidance.

Michael  @

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