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------- Comment #8 from gregharewood at mac.com  2008-02-11 10:17 PDT -------
Oh no, dude.  You turned "menu" PINK!

You're getting a flat menu color from the HITheme bitmap, right?  I think
you've chosen an unrepresentative pixel - or maybe worse, the pink was meant to
be hidden by the alpha channel in the bitmap.  Try going for a central pixel?

This is on 3.0.4 (5523.10.6) - nightly from 10th Feb 2008. 

I think perhaps a better plan might be to pick colors by hand.  This is not an
exact science.  The problem is that the list of colors map to the variables in
a Windows 95 (or maybe 2000)  theme, which is very crude by todays standards.
It is probably more important that they are self-consistent, than that they are
drawn from a pixel of the current Mac theme-du-jour.

Here is the list of oddities in the current color selection:

- MenuText on Menu is black on pink.  It should probably be black on light

- HighlightText on HighLight is black on lilac for me - i.e. themed text
selection color.  This does not appear to be Microsoft's original intent. 
HighlightText on HighLight is the combo that they use for highlighting selected
menu items.  It should, therefore, on Leopard, be white on blue.  The present
choice might equally represent what it has been used for in the field... but
the general consensus is at least light on dark - and this will give better
odds when web designers mix and match colors.

- CaptionText on ActiveCaption is black on black.  This is unreadable.  It is
the combo originally intended to be for title bars on windows, and is white on
dark blue under IE7.

- InactiveCaptionText on InactiveCaption should follow the same theme but be

One of the most useful references to MS's original intent is their own page...


...showing the anticipated "System Color Combinations".

I will add some attachments.

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