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>From looking at a proper clutter webkit implementation (rather than using the
gtk WebView as a surrogate loader) this is my concept of an API. I don't know
how this would be best implemented to fit in the WebKit system. I suppose there
would just be a backend class like the gtk backend which uses the cairo backend
to draw, then people could wrap their own frontend object/widget/actor around
it, implementing their own WebView to their needs?

/* methods */
void draw (cairo_t *cr, IntRect *clip_rect); /* Draws to the cairo context */
void set_size (int width, int height); /* Sets the width/height of the page */
void set_origin (int x, int y); /* Sets the origin of the page to x,y */

/* Synthesizes events from frontend to backend */
gboolean button_press_event (ButtonEvent *event);
gboolean button_release_event (ButtonEvent *event);
gboolean motion_event (MotionEvent *event);
gboolean key_press_event (KeyEvent *event);
gboolean key_release_event (KeyEvent *event);
gboolean scroll_event (ScrollEvent *event);

/* signals */
RegionInvalidated (IntRect *region); /* Notifies the front end that the page
has been invalidated and should be redrawn */
CursorChanged (Cursor cursor); /* Notifies the front end that the cursor should
be changed */


Some other thoughts:
 * In the API above there is the method getMediaData() which gets the specific
pixel data about the page. It is possible to get this data from a cairo surface
if required.

 * A GObject binding for accessing the DOM would be useful, as could the
ability to get an object at a specific co-ordinate (or can this be retreived
through the DOM?)

 * For popup menus could we pass an array of structures (similar to GtkAction)
that describes a popup menu for the host app to draw?

 * So that the backend does not need to depend on a specific toolkit like Gtk
for form elements, there might be a need for methods that the backend calls on
the frontend, passing a cairo_t on which the front end draws the UI element as
it desires.

 * I've not mentioned clipboard support or any of the other nicities that the
llmediabase.h file mentions because these things can be implemented as needed
as in the gtk WebView class.

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