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------- Comment #1 from rgovostes at gmail.com  2008-02-07 22:57 PDT -------
I added some debug info to my nodes2string.h to help trace this:

function foo()
                                x = 
                                        y = 
                                z = 

It looks like where the first faulty parenthesis is going to be added, the
needsParens check in SourceStream::operator<<(const Node* n) is true because

1. m_precedence = 17
2. n->precedence() = 18

In other words, it's because the CommaNode's precedence is greater than the

Someone please double check this for me but I think the function should be
rewritten as:

 SourceStream& SourceStream::operator<<(const Node* n)
        if (!n) {
            m_precedence = PrecExpression;
            return *this;

        bool needParens = (m_precedence < PrecAssignment && n->precedence() >
m_precedence) || (m_atStartOfStatement && n->needsParensIfLeftmost());
        // and so on

(I moved the n == NULL check to the top because I think it could cause a NULL
pointer dereference as it stands in the current build.)

Furthermore, a test case should be added in the parenthesization tests to
ensure this problem does not creep up again.

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