[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 22614] Need to add Win32 implementation of ThreadSpecific.

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------- Comment #11 from ap at webkit.org  2008-12-30 23:47 PDT -------
> 1) You asked me to remove "copyright to apple". What should I put there?

My understanding is that you work for Google - so, it's actually a question for
your manager. Normally, it's either a company or an individual that makes the

> 2) As to calling ThreadSpecificThreadExit, I do not think making the cleanup
> call from WTF thread is enough. This approach does not take care of the TLS
> cleanup in the main thread and other threads not created by WTF::createThread.

We don't care about cleanup on the main thread, similarly to how we
intentionally avoid cleaning up most static objects for better performance.
Also, ThreadSpecific objects are only used in WebCore, not JavaScriptCore, and
all WebCore threads are created with WTF::createThread().

> I did not have a good solution here either. Which mailing list should I send to
> for further discussion if needed?

There's always webkit-dev at lists.webkit.org :)

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