[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 23045] Regression: RTL - forward delete key deletes letter to the right of the cursor at start of line

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------- Comment #3 from mitz at webkit.org  2008-12-30 16:33 PDT -------
(In reply to comment #2)
> In IE7 and FF if there is a single Hebrew letter in an LTR text input field and
> the caret is to the right of the letter, pressing the forward delete key
> deletes that letter.

This does not seem to always be the case. To reproduce:
1. Open this page in Firefox
2. In the Additional Comments field, type a Hebrew letter
3a. Click inside the field, somewhere below the letter and to the right; or
3b. Press the down arrow key; or
3c. Press the space bar, then press the delete key
4. Note that the insertion point is now to the right of the Hebrew letter
5. Press the forward delete key

In all three versions, the Hebrew letter will not be deleted.

WebKit's behavior is consistent with the Cocoa text system in Mac OS X (however
WebKit does not draw the secondary caret (bug 3710)), so I don't think this bug
applies to the Mac OS X port.

Even though there are only two possible caret selections in this case, Firefox
seems to recognize three different modes, in two of which the insertion point
is drawn to the right of the letter (yet they differ in the height of the
caret); you can alternate between these modes by pressing the up and down arrow
keys after step 3b above. I am not sure what platform convention Firefox is
trying to emulate. Should WebKit allow three different caret selections in this
case? What is the general principle to be followed?

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