[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 23027] Switch to more portable PlatformGraphicsContext types in WebKit.dll API

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> Also, this API is used by Safari, so changing it will break compatibility of
> nightly builds with the existing Safari.

This shouldn't change anything, or at least it builds and compiles using CG or

The only thing that is changing here is that rather than directly using the
CGContext type directly, we are using a typedef that is either CGContext (for
CG based WebKit.dll), or cairo_t (for Cairo-backed WebKit.dll).

There is no change in functionality, data types, etc.

I included WebCore/GraphicsContext.h because it provides a convenient set of
typedefs for these types, conditionalized by the platform in use.

An alternative patch would just #if/def in the header file and typedef to
CGContext or cairo_t.

> I think the whole concept here is flawed. If we change this API we need a way
> to keep existing clients compatible. And the use you're putting this API to
> could probably be satisfied another way -- if the client has access to
> WebCore's platform directory and those headers it can use it directly and
> doesn't need this WebKitGraphics.h wrapper.

I think I was not clear in my description.  This change does not make any
changes to the functionality or data types used in this file.  It merely allows
me to compile using Cairo types if desired so that I can build a WebKit.dll
that does not rely on CG.

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