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------- Comment #3 from echosx at gmail.com  2008-12-28 16:38 PDT -------
So I figured out the root cause behind the issue, I went through and removed a
few 3rd party plugins. The main two I removed was google gears since it didn't
work and Flip4Mac. As the prior post suggest I did remove Safari AdBlock but
then reinstalled it to see if it cause issues which it did not.

After me thinking I found the real culprit to be Adium when using it to login
into facebook chat services. I was oblivious to this due to the fact I always
leave Adium open in the background not thinking about it. Once I closed Adium
the problems had disappeared. I've also found this to occur in Safari 3.2.

As a side note this problem does not occur in firefox when I do have Adium
open, which is odd because as soon as I login into the site via another source
it deauths the last place that was signed in. I guess what it really comes down
to is what Adium uses for its back end for facebook of which I am unsure of at
the moment. I'm going to do a little more research and file a bug with Adium
about the issue and to find out if Adium does WebCore or not. If my assumption
is correct there would be no deauths because WebCore shares cookies and other
such information between applications that use it such as in the sense if I
login to a site via Safari I can then goto the site in WebKit and be logged in

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