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> (In reply to comment #6)
> > I like that idea very much. I'd like that to also switch an existing inspector
> > to the specified section. I wonder if the 'section' should be a string, since
> > pages might be added in the future or even by the user, I remember seeing that
> > described on a website.
> The panel seems to currently be indexed by an enum, in the inspector
> controller. The client doesn't provide facilities for that. What do you suggest
> for indexing the panel, if not strings?

I actually assumed an enumeration when I read the suggestion, so I suggested a

> > Which makes me think of native integration of the inspector. If the artifical
> > toolbar could be hidden, the application could add its own, and merge other
> > application specific views in the same interface.
> I would love that, yeah. I'm not sure how feasible that is.

I think it should be easy enough. What I'm more worried about is the controls
inside the inspector, that is WebKit doesn't support native elements to the
extend the inspector would need it. So maybe it would actually be more useful
to investigate that and for instance if the toolbar and statusbar had a
(mostly) native appearance, we could avoid such workarounds.

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