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------- Comment #2 from eric at webkit.org  2008-12-04 12:35 PDT -------
I don't like this being a one-line "hack" without explanation.  It seems from
looking at the bugs, that SVGMatrix is effectively read-only/copy-on-write, yet
our AffineTransform is not.

Lots of ways we could have solved this, besides making custom bindings methods
(which I think was the wrong solution).  One of them would have been to have
made an SVGMatrix stack object wrapper class around AffineTransform (different
from how we used to have SVGMatrix heap objects) and to have used that as the
PODType.  multiply() etc. on that intermediate binding layer would have
contained this "copy instead of mutate" logic which Niko put in the bindings
with the old patch.

I'm not sure I understand how your solution works?

Why does just not "writing back" to wherever the matrix came from solve things

element.matrix = z;
var a = element.matrix;
var b = a.multiply(10);
assert(element.matrix == z);
assert(a == element.matrix);
assert(a != b);

Seems your solution would solve the first assert, but not the second two?  I
must be missing something.   I should look at the generated code.

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