[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 22374] Need API to access favicons using the favicon URL.

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> (From update of attachment 25300 [review])
> If the application needs these icons cached, it seems it should have its own
> cache with a lifetime tied to the lifetime of the storage databases.  But maybe
> I'm misunderstanding the problem?

I think there is a misunderstanding indeed :). The storage database list is
just an example. If I understand this correctly it is more about the ability to
query a site-wide favicon.   

> Also, you should note that WebCore has no public interfaces.  If you
> application directly depends on WebCore it will break in the future.  I'm not
> sure if that's the case here or not.  A good example of this is when Qt exposed
> the "is this url in your history database" function call from WebCore to Qt
> embedders.  This changed when we moved to a better hash-based history lookup,
> and broke the Qt build.  Now they have an ugly hack in place to support this
> (hopefully soon deprecated Qt API).

I agree that in the history case it was a mistake to rely on this design :(,
but I feel this case is different in the sense that it's just about exposing
something that exists by design.

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