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------- Comment #114 from lkcl at lkcl.net  2008-12-02 08:56 PDT -------
(In reply to comment #110)
> > After checking the code quite
> > thoroughly, I found that, in practice, all getGObjType() was being used for,
> > was to carry information from the top of the toGDOM functions to the bottom of
> > those same functions. I changed the toGDOM functions to wrap the core objects
> > into GObjects right from the start, and so I could get rid of getGObjType()
> > alltogether.
>  if that works, in both the usage cases, i'll genuinely be dead impressed.

 martin, you're a genius: it worked.

         main_frame = self._browser.get_main_frame()

        gdoc = main_frame.get_gdom_document()

        body = gdoc.get_elements_by_tag_name("body").item(0)
        h = gdoc.create_element("div")
        h.append_child(gdoc.create_text_node("hello world"))
        h.set_attribute('id', "hello world")

        h1 = gdoc.get_element_by_id("hello world")

        print h, h1

 h == h1.  success.

 so - that leaves toString to be added back in; ref() and deref() to be
 removed (which i tested earlier and will test again);
 that should be everything.

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