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------- Comment #112 from lkcl at lkcl.net  2008-12-02 07:39 PDT -------
martin - i've just started looking at the patch you created, and i can't use it
and test it because there is critical functionality missing. specifically: it's
missing the toString calls, which are absolutely essential for the project i'm
working on (pyjamas-desktop) to actually be useful to anyone.

i'll have to add them back in, and i will supply two patches: one for everyone
else, and one specifically for you (so you can add them in on top of what you
already have).

i know why you removed them.

mark: i realise that you're is advocating that certain functionality is "not to
be used", unfortunately, the justification is at best unreasonable and at worst

if there was no "legacy" of javascript's expected functionality, you would be
at liberty to dictate the progress and functionality.

however, given that users coming from the javascript environment are going to
expect certain functions to exist WITH ABSOLUTELY NO REGARD WHATSOEVER FOR
WHATEVER STANDARDS MAY OR MAY NOT EXIST, you cannot unfortunately tell one
group of developers "yes if you use javascript it's ok, you can have functions
like toString" and then turn round and say to another group of developers "no,
you're not allowed that, even though you're used to that functionality and
blatant disregard for the W3C standards".

the glib gdom bindings are not the place to "fight" for w3c standardisation.

if you want the glib gdom bindings, and all other bindings, to not have a
toString function or anything else that's not in the W3C standards, take it up
with every single javascript developer in the world and get them to stop using
those functions and the functionality that's not in the standards.  take it up
with microsoft, firefox, the developers of opera, and, most importantly, get it
removed from webkit's javascript bindings.

we both know that's not going to happen, but the reason i mention it is to
illustrate that it's unreasonable to make the glib / gdom bindings "suffer"
because a particular standard has been over-ruled by a real world one.

that _also_ having been said: Gecko / XUL has toString, and offers it to
the language bindings.

bottom line: you really _can't_ tell the glib / gdom bindings that they MUST
rigidly adhere to an "unreal" standard.

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