[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 18822] SQUIRRELFISH: incorrect eval used in some cases

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Wed Apr 30 23:07:24 PDT 2008


------- Comment #2 from cwzwarich at uwaterloo.ca  2008-04-30 23:07 PDT -------
This bug occurs because we don't create as many ExecStates as we used to. In
particular, the scope chain of the current ExecState in Machine::privateExecute
may not be the current scope chain. However, all
ExecState::lexicalGlobalObject() does is get the top of its ScopeChain, so we
should just replace the use of ExecState::lexicalGlobalObject() with
scopeChain->bottom() in op_call_eval.

This also means that other uses of ExecState::lexicalGlobalObject() are wrong
for cross-window function calls. Most of them are used for getting prototypes,
but there are others, e.g. setting up the scope chain in
FunctionObjectImp::construct(). We can't fix all of the others yet, because we
pass around an ExecState rather than a ScopeChainNode*.

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