[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 18428] Patch to support building wxWebKit on mingw

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Sun Apr 20 10:01:58 PDT 2008


------- Comment #9 from kevino at theolliviers.com  2008-04-20 10:01 PDT -------
Sorry I've just finally had a chance to take a look at this. First comments:

1) Do not replace COMPILER(MSVC) or COMPILER(MSVC7) with PLATFORM(WIN_OS). When
PLATFORM(WIN_OS) is not used, it is often because there are Windows ports which
should not or can not have that code in them. (e.g. QT and GTK build on Windows
as well) Especially so with COMPILER(MSVC7), as that define indicates a fix for
a problem that was resolved in MSVC8. We need to add PLATFORM(MINGW) define and
use that instead. See JavaScriptCore/wtf/Platform.h for how to define a

2) Please do not use <if cond="(FORMAT=='gnu') and (PLATFORM_WIN32 != '1')">
syntax. The parentheses are unnecessary and even in your code are sometimes
used, and sometimes not. It's best to use one consistent style among all the
code, and a majority of the code is already formatted as <if
cond="FORMAT=='gnu' and PLATFORM_WIN32 != '1'">.

3) Please remove the <echo> statement in the Bakefiles. WX_ROOT not being set
is not always a problem, and the build script should give an error when it is.

4) Please do not add static library support in this patch. We have a very
serious issue with static library support on almost all platforms because we
get symbol conflicts between the wx builtin libpng, which cause WebKit
libraries to use the (too old) libpng included with wx at runtime. I'd be happy
to see if we can get this resolved for all platforms, but that should be a
separate bug and patch so that we can tackle that issue on its own. One step at
a time... :)

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