[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 18367] Crash during celtic kane js speed 2007 test

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Wed Apr 9 21:03:28 PDT 2008


------- Comment #7 from mrowe at apple.com  2008-04-09 21:03 PDT -------
Ok, I think I've tracked down the problem: 
Collector::markCurrentThreadConservatively uses setjmp to force registers onto
the stack.  The setjmp implementation for x86-64 in glibc is the following:

0x00007f5f7d0c5e00 <__sigsetjmp+0>:     mov    %rbx,(%rdi)
0x00007f5f7d0c5e03 <__sigsetjmp+3>:     mov    %rbp,%rax
0x00007f5f7d0c5e06 <__sigsetjmp+6>:     xor    %fs:0x30,%rax
0x00007f5f7d0c5e0f <__sigsetjmp+15>:    rol    $0x11,%rax
0x00007f5f7d0c5e13 <__sigsetjmp+19>:    mov    %rax,0x8(%rdi)
0x00007f5f7d0c5e17 <__sigsetjmp+23>:    mov    %r12,0x10(%rdi)
0x00007f5f7d0c5e1b <__sigsetjmp+27>:    mov    %r13,0x18(%rdi)
0x00007f5f7d0c5e1f <__sigsetjmp+31>:    mov    %r14,0x20(%rdi)
0x00007f5f7d0c5e23 <__sigsetjmp+35>:    mov    %r15,0x28(%rdi)
0x00007f5f7d0c5e27 <__sigsetjmp+39>:    lea    0x8(%rsp),%rdx
0x00007f5f7d0c5e2c <__sigsetjmp+44>:    xor    %fs:0x30,%rdx
0x00007f5f7d0c5e35 <__sigsetjmp+53>:    rol    $0x11,%rdx
0x00007f5f7d0c5e39 <__sigsetjmp+57>:    mov    %rdx,0x30(%rdi)
0x00007f5f7d0c5e3d <__sigsetjmp+61>:    mov    (%rsp),%rax
0x00007f5f7d0c5e41 <__sigsetjmp+65>:    xor    %fs:0x30,%rax
0x00007f5f7d0c5e4a <__sigsetjmp+74>:    rol    $0x11,%rax
0x00007f5f7d0c5e4e <__sigsetjmp+78>:    mov    %rax,0x38(%rdi)
0x00007f5f7d0c5e52 <__sigsetjmp+82>:    jmpq   0x7f5f7d0c5e60

Two important things to note:  only a subset of registers are saved, and
several of those that are saved are mangled (xor'd with a magic value, then
rotated left) to not look pointer-like.  I suspect this may explain many, if
not all, of the x86-64 specific crashers.

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