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> The architecture for handling these updates is basically existant. That's part
> of the animated_property_* mystery (start/stop##Property functions). The idea
> is that <animate> has to mark a certain property (if it animates an XML prop)
> as start()ed. The underlying value is cached in a HashMap in the
> SVGDocumentExtensions, and all calls to 'set##Property' only influence the
> value residing in the HashMap, but not the actual property itself. This assures
> that you can still call 'setAttribute(...)' from JS, while an animation is
> running. You may want to have a look at the concept. It's old and Eric & me
> came up with this more than a year ago, while planning the future animation
> framework.

Yeah, I know there is code there but I can't figure out if it does the right
thing and indeed how it is supposed to be used. I think someone with better
understanding of that code will have to wire it together.

Note that there are two separate problems here with different solution. One for
animated CSS properties and another for XML attributes. 

For CSS properties the solution is simple and the spec tells exactly what to
do. You write your animated values to the override stylesheet and the base
value is what you get with getComputedStyle() (without override style sheet).
Since WebCore does not support override stylesheets, for now the values are
written to inline stylesheet instead. Since many SVG attributes are mapped to
CSS this applies to them as well. Pure XML attributes are the problematic ones.

> Greetings,
> Niko

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