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------- Comment #4 from zimmermann at kde.org  2008-04-09 03:48 PDT -------
Hey Antti,

had a quick look, unfortunately not much time atm, but I'm impressed! Excellent

I just want to comment on one issue, as it's related to the previous SVG
AnimProperty Liveness work:

> - JS does not see correct values for baseVal/animVal, changing values that are
> being animted for a script produces wrong results. Not maintaining separate
> presentation values for XML attributes is an architectural problem in our SVG
> code.

The architecture for handling these updates is basically existant. That's part
of the animated_property_* mystery (start/stop##Property functions). The idea
is that <animate> has to mark a certain property (if it animates an XML prop)
as start()ed. The underlying value is cached in a HashMap in the
SVGDocumentExtensions, and all calls to 'set##Property' only influence the
value residing in the HashMap, but not the actual property itself. This assures
that you can still call 'setAttribute(...)' from JS, while an animation is
running. You may want to have a look at the concept. It's old and Eric & me
came up with this more than a year ago, while planning the future animation


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