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------- Comment #9 from marco.barisione at collabora.co.uk  2008-04-08 02:13 PDT -------
(In reply to comment #8)
> > WebCore doesn't allow them to be used together, I don't know if it's a just
> > limitation or if there are good reasons. My idea is that the user should not
> > some UI to handle both and it would be very confusing: "hey why do I have to
> > separate zoom in buttons?".
> > IMHO if the user always wants bigger fonts it can set them, otherwise he sould
> > just get full page zoom (at least when webkit is used for a web browser).
> Agreed, the interface for the two means of zooming could be a problem. It might
> be desirable to get one or two opinions from the mac port crew on this. Or even
> any more opinions to have a clearer vision before deciding this.

I talked a bit with some guys working on the mac port and:
1 - WebCore doesn't allow to have full-page zoom and text-only zoom at the same
2 - They kept two separate sets of APIs for the two modes for backward

So I will modify the patch to have a single set of function and a
full-page-zoom property (suggestions for better names?)

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