[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 18281] [GTK] add functions to set/get the zoom level

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------- Comment #6 from christian at imendio.com  2008-04-07 05:22 PDT -------
(In reply to comment #5)
> Full page zoom can be used instead of text-only zoom, not together. So I
> propose to add a boolean "full-page-zoom" property (or "text-zoom", I don't
> have better idea atm). If full-page-zoom is set to TRUE then everything is
> zoomed, else only text size is modified.

Why is that? I don't concider the two options mutually exclusive from a user's
point of view. Of course if this just doesn't work out for technical reasons we
can't do much about it.

> Then we need a "zoom-level" float property to set/get the zoom level (with the
> corresponding webkit_web_view_[gs]et_zoom_level() functions).
> webkit_web_view_zoom_in() and webkit_web_view_zoom_out() could be useful too,
> but what should the scaling factor be? Other ports use 1.2 but hardcoded values
> are bad. Adding a "zoom-factor" defaulting to 1.2 could solve the problem but
> I'm not sure we really need to add another property for this.

I agree it must be possible to adjust this value from an application. I think
zoom-factor should actually be a property of WebKitWebSettings. I suspect an
application global value is the proper way to handle this.

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