[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 18183] Crashes when saving webpage to Web Archive format .webarchive file

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------- Comment #30 from a4list at hotmail.com  2008-04-01 15:44 PDT -------
tested r31535 

the crashing problem is gone (as expected). thanks!

but blocked items are not appearing in the Activity window. (a small percentage
of blocked items are shown, however).

also, the Status bar is underreporting errors, because blocked items that do
not appear in the Activity window are not reported as errors.

a few examples:

on www.drudgereport.com:
everything blocked other than drudgereport.com and d.yimg.com
harvest.adgardener.com items appear in Activity correctly ("can't connect to
host") and is reported correctly as an error in Status Bar. 
other blocked domains do not appear in Activity and are not counted as errors.

on www.cnn.com:
mostly everything blocked, www.cnn.com, i.cdn.turner.com, i.l.cnn.net not
metrics.cnn.com is blocked- it is the only blocked domain that appears in
Activity window and counted as error.

http://www.time.com/time/politics/article/0,8599,1725514,00.html :
everything blocked except www.time.com and img.timeinc.net
no blocked items appear in Activity window, no errors

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