[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 15302] Add very-basic CSS-based MathML support into WebKit

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------- Comment #4 from eric at webkit.org  2007-09-28 05:47 PDT -------
(In reply to comment #3)

> I also did some MathML support locally some time ago, with a slighlty different
> stylesheet IIRC. Anyway, I think we should talk! I assume this is meant for the
> feature branch?

This is intend for the feature branch (or its own separate branch), yes.

Please, feel free to try different style sheets.  This patch is by no means an
authoritative way of doing MathML in WebKit.  I just had explained this method
*again* on IRC (for probably now the 10th time), and figured, "why the heck
not.  it really is easy, I'll just do it."  I have no plans for bringing
"complete" MathML support to WebKit, however, were this to land, I might fiddle
around with it over time (especially were I to find a good -- and easy to use
-- test suite, or if others were to play around with this half-support and file
bugs, etc).

Hopefully that helps clear things up.  Again, I was just trying to give the
MathML project a small kick in the pants, with the hope that actually having
some "minimal" support would motivate others, or that even if this patch didn't
land, I would never have to explain the "use CSS for MathML" method again,
other than to just point at this bug. ;)

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