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------- Comment #13 from eric at webkit.org  2007-09-26 10:57 PDT -------
Ok, I've learned a few things.

By adding this to your test:

var svgNs = "http://www.w3.org/2000/svg"
var gradient = document.createElementNS(svgNs, "linearGradient");
var gradientClass = gradient.__proto__;
gradientClass.oldSetAttribute = gradientClass.setAttribute;
gradientClass.oldSetAttributeNS = gradientClass.setAttributeNS;

gradientClass.setAttribute = function(a, b, c) { alert("setAttribute: " + a + "
" + b); this.oldSetAttributeNS(null, a, b) }
gradientClass.setAttributeNS = function(a, b, c) { alert("setAttributeNS: " + a
+ " " + b + " " + c); this.oldSetAttributeNS(null, b, c) }

I have determined two things:

1.  Your code is still setting a bunch of attributes with the SVG namespace. 
As you've noted above, this is wrong.  We seem to be ignoring the namespace in
many parts of our code (which is allowing your setNamespaceNS calls to work,
which they shouldn't).

2.  We have a check:
static inline bool shouldIgnoreAttributeCase(const Element* e)
    return e && e->document()->isHTMLDocument() && e->isHTMLElement();
before every place that we ignore attribute case.  This code is designed to
prevent exactly the problem you're seeing, but something's (obviously) not

As you notice in my code above, I'm overriding setAttribute and calling
setAttributeNS (with a null namespace) instead.  That fixes the problem.  So a
quick fix for dojo is to always use setAttributeNS instead.  Be careful to
always use a null namespace instead of the svg namespace, as we'll eventually
fix our bug and start ignoring attributes in the SVG namespace.

Still investigating.

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