[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 11335] execCommand("Paste") not allowed

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------- Comment #7 from fredck at fredck.com  2007-09-22 05:32 PDT -------
This is a common problem in all browsers.

I agree that clipboard data may contain strictly private information, like
passwords. So, a browser must note make it easy to retrieve that information,
but should also make it impossible if the user wanted it.

Today, only IE6- places no limits to it. It is quite simple to retrieve the
clipboard data with it, and no restrictions are imposed. A very insecure thing.

My idea is making things similar to popup blockers. Once a JavaScript
application tries to access the clipboard, a Yes/No alert box is presented to
the user, stating that the app wants to retrieve data from the clipboard. A
nice "Don't ask me again for www.example.com" checkbox could also be available,
which saves the user preference. Like popups, the user should have some way to
reset it too.

IE7 has implemented a similar thing. It is quite buggy though. Also, it doesn't
have the checkbox to save the preference for the domain, but it doesn't ask it
again for the same page if the user says "Yes".

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