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------- Comment #20 from akwb at msn.com  2007-09-11 02:44 PDT -------
Ok I'm fine with splitting but could it not be that the initial issue I
reported in the bug and this new issue are related? The initial bug report was
with in relation to what Webkit used from cache/network when refreshing and the
speed of this. This new issue therefore could well be related as on the same
network a Gecko refresh on the two sites I listed does not jump to the top of
the page where as a Webkit one does. If this behavior is caused by the
rendering engine not having enough information to render the page in place then
this could be caused by Gecko's more advanced/optimised use of cached images(?)
perhaps giving it the ability render the reloaded page sooner and not have to
jarringly jump.

If that seems likely then these bugs are one and the same issue.

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