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------- Comment #18 from george.wright at collabora.co.uk  2007-09-07 14:57 PDT -------
The text resizing corresponds to the setZoomLevel and zoomLevel functions in
the Frame class as far as I can tell, which we are not implementing here. As
for the hit tests, I've accounted for all of those in this GTK implementation
but I can see where your concerns are as it's not done in WebCore and so other
ports won't benefit from this.

I'll have a look at moving the code from WebKit/GTK into WebCore. There's
already a scale() function in the GraphicsContext class so I think that's
probably the best way to propagate the scale factor around WebCore, and then
add the code to perform the coordinate transformations directly in
ScrollView/Render*/etc. Now that I basically know which hit tests are required
this hopefully won't take long, then with any luck the only WebKit change
required will be to add an API method which calls GraphicsContext::scale().

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