[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 14515] document.cookie doesn't work when hostname is localhost; does work when hostname is

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------- Comment #14 from ddkilzer at webkit.org  2007-09-07 08:44 PDT -------
1. Download weird_cookies.html (Attachment #15373) and place on local web
server.  (These tests assume the web server listens on Port 8000.)
2. Access http://localhost:8000/weird_cookies.html.
3. Click "testCookies" button.
4. Verify that "No Cookies!" message appears.
5. Click "addCookie" button.
6. Click "OK" to dismiss alert.
7. Click "testCookies" button.
8. Verify that "Got Cookies!" message appears.
9. Click "deleteCookie" button.
10. Click "OK" to dismiss alert.
11. Click "testCookies" button.
12. Verify that "No Cookies!" message appears.

Repeat steps 3-12:
- Replacing "localhost" with "".
- Replacing "" with the hostname of your computer.
- Replacing the hostname of your computer with your computer's IP address.

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