[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 15138] Broken table cell navigation and row/header reading with VoiceOver

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------- Comment #2 from bhawkeslewis at googlemail.com  2007-09-06 08:51 PDT -------
Sorry, "ctrl + option + right arrow should read a row" in the initial report
above should say: "ctrl + option + R should read a row".

VoiceOver's behaviour with Safari 2 was broken in slightly different ways:

1. The cursor using ctrl + option + right arrow does pass through all header
cells in the second header row, but it does so in a nonsensical order and with
a couple detours to the left-hand navigation menu thrown in.

2. ctrl + option + right arrow does move through each cell in data rows,
including the last cell. However, /after/ the last cell, the cursor jumps out
of the table and into the left-hand navigation menu. Then down a couple links
of the menu and into the next row of the table.

3. VoiceOver pings in response to ctrl + option + R and shift + ctrl + option +
C in Safari 2, so that hasn't changed.

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