[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 15132] Heading text not placed in VoiceOver Item Chooser with Safari 2 and WebKit Nightly

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------- Comment #4 from ddkilzer at webkit.org  2007-09-02 08:42 PDT -------
(In reply to comment #3)
> What do you mean by "supported"? I don't see any statement to that effect that
> bug reports must use Safari 3 not 2 at:
> http://webkit.org/quality/reporting.html
> or
> http://webkit.org/quality/bugwriting.html

By "officially supported" in Comment #2 I meant that Apple does not officially
support a combination of Safari 2.0.4 and WebKit nightly builds, so the chances
of this getting fixed (if the issue is NOT in WebKit) are highly unlikely. 
(Technically speaking, the WebKit nightly builds are not officially supported
at all, but they're a great way to test and to develop fixes.)

Another way to define "not officially supported" is that you can't call
AppleCare and expect them to resolve issues found with Safari 2.0.4 and a
WebKit nightly build.  Again they're for development and testing purposes only.

Having said that, you may draw the conclusion that the Safari 3 Public Beta
with a WebKit nightly build isn't officially supported either, and you would be
correct.  However, this configuration is MUCH CLOSER to what will eventually be
shipped, and thus is more valuable to know if this bug happens in that
configuration.  It would also be valuable to know if the Safari 3 Public Beta
(without using a WebKit nightly build) is affected by this bug.

> I can't easily test Safari 3, since as a web developer I need Safari 2 for
> testing webpages at work and I can't run the two side-by-side. However, the
> problem also exists in the latest development version of OmniWeb (which uses a
> recent nightly build). Since the Item List is independent of Safari, it seems
> pretty clear to me that this is a WebKit bug not a Safari bug.

It is possible to have both installed, although I only recommend doing this if
you understand the instructions:


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