[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 15781] REGRESSION: Ligatures fail to form when typing in Devanagari (because WebKit can't handle a marked range that covers half of a composed character sequence)

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------- Comment #1 from oliver at apple.com  2007-10-31 19:15 PDT -------
This problem is like not being able to type the letter "A" in English.
Nominating for Intl BRB review.

23/09/07 1:29 PM Darin Adler:
I believe this problem occurs because of the behavior of the methods that the
Devanagari input method uses to read from the document, rather than the ones it
uses to write. The WebKit view has a system where it only returns part of the
document to the input method which is probably causing the problem.

23/09/07 1:40 PM Darin Adler:
That theory was wrong.

The real bug here is that the text insertion command, told to select the
inserted text, fails to. The proximate cause of this is that appliedEditing is
not called in TypingCommand::typingAddedToOpenCommand because m_applyEditing is

23/09/07 1:51 PM Darin Adler:
The Devanagari input method marks only one character from a composed character
pair, and the code can't handle that.

23/09/07 2:10 PM Darin Adler:
Fixing this requires changing our input method handling so that we never try to
treat the marked text range (called the "composition" in our cross-platform
code and on Windows) as a selection.

Doing that requires teaching the editing machinery how to handle these
non-selection ranges.

23/09/07 2:44 PM Darin Adler:
I worked out a fix, not using selection for manipulating the marked range, and
it seems to be working. However it's a pretty risky change -- I don't know what
effect it will have on other input methods -- and I also don't have undo
implemented yet. I also need to run the regression tests.

23/09/07 4:05 PM Darin Adler:
Ollie, I attached my patch, which is a start at resolving this. The primary
remaining issue is fitting this into the undo machinery. It also affects the
results of some of the regression tests because of different delegate calls.

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