[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 15507] Calling removeChild() on a textarea with selected text causes safari crash

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Tue Oct 16 08:56:19 PDT 2007


------- Comment #5 from daniel at brainmurmurs.com  2007-10-16 08:56 PDT -------
Hi.  We actually came up with a Safari 3.0 workaround, but I hadn't had a
chance to update the bug report with the information yet.

First, you can see the old behavior on our test server at
http://brainmurmurs.com:3000/home/list.  You'll need to sign up on the test
machine to try it, but it is pretty straightforward.  Once the account is
created,  click on "my agenda" at the upper lefthand corner of the screen.  

Then click the 'create new task' button, entry a task summary, and hit the
return key.  The task summary you entered should appear in the agenda window.

Click on the summary and it will change to a text control with the text
selected.  Hit tab to dismiss the edit control and safari will crash.

This is the simplest way I can think of to demonstrate the problem.  I'm a
little buried right now but will try to throw together some sample code to
reproduce it.  It may not happen until the weekend at the going rate.

Workaround (evidently Safari 3 only):

call window.getSelection().removeAllRanges() before removing the textarea from
the DOM tree.

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