[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 15396] PPC Only: svg/custom/mask-excessive-malloc.svg crashes on trunk

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Sun Oct 14 22:54:14 PDT 2007


------- Comment #7 from eric at webkit.org  2007-10-14 22:54 PDT -------
Next guess:

It's possible that the mask being huge is causing:
    RenderSVGContainer* maskContainer = new (arena) RenderSVGContainer(this);

to have huge bounds, which is somehow angering CG via rendering tree redraw
commands.  I think this is rather unlikely however due to two reasons:

1.  That content is never drawn during normal paint time (and thus perhaps
should not layout normally either, not sure).
2.  If it was due to renderer bounds, we should be seeing similar crashes due
to extra large divs on PPC.  (However SVG doesn't properly clip invalidation
regions, so it's possible we're trying to invalidate a region larger than the
screen and thus given CG kittens).

Another possibility.  It's possible that the malloc actually succeeds on PPC
(on whatever hardware this was tested on), and that the CGContext create says
it succeeds even though it created a bad context.  That could cause us to crash
at any sort of later time.  Why we'd end up with no stack trace?  no clue.

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