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darin at apple.com changed:

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------- Comment #5 from darin at apple.com  2007-10-10 12:14 PDT -------
(In reply to comment #0)
> Suggested changes:
> * Always report 0 for charCode in keydown/keyup
> * For keypress, determine whether the key generates printable output; if so,
> report keyCode == charCode.  Otherwise report 0 for charCode and the virtual
> key code for keyCode.
> * Report which as keyCode for keydown/keyup and charCode for keypress, except
> for cases where Firefox (or, more accurately, Netscape Navigator 4) reports it
> as keyCode during keypress, such as <enter> and <delete>.
> * For any event other than keydown/keyup/keypress, report 0 for all of these
> (may already be true).

Those sound good to me. The parts that seem most unclear are:

- What does "whether the key generates printable output" mean in practice? It's
not obvious to me how to implement that part.
- What exactly are the cases where Netscape Navigator 4 report use keyCode
rather than charCode for the value of "which" for keypress?

Ollie, I can't tell whether any of your comments contradict anything here. This
bug is about the keyCode/charCode/which values, and I don't think the proposed
change conflicts with anything you said.

Erik, your comments about repeating events seem to belong in another bug, since
this bug is about the keyCode/charCode/which values, not which events are

My biggest concern is that refining this behavior will break existing Dashboard
widgets or websites that have adapted to Safari's behavior over the last 5

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