[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 15274] REGRESSION: Javascript bug in getElementsByName or removeChild or insertBefore ?

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------- Comment #18 from eric at webkit.org  2007-10-07 19:30 PDT -------
Well, it may still have been broken by the qname change (I'm unsure of that). 
That's where the rootNodeChildrenChanged() function came from as far as I can
tell.  However, it does not appear that rootNodeChildrenChanged() is the right
function to call.  As mjs suggested, it's simply that a node doesn't know to
tell the document to invalidate its name caches when it's removed.  A node
removed anywhere in the tree should check its name and then notify the caches. 
A node whos name changes anywhere in the tree will need to do the same.

It looks like
bool EventTargetNode::dispatchSubtreeModifiedEvent(bool sendChildrenChanged)

is the responsible function.  Which isn't very smart about what nodes it
notifies, it just does a blanket notification it seems.  It looks like the
current system indicates that the empty override for rootNodeChildrenChanged()
should simply be removed (and that will fix the problem).  There might be a
more efficient solution to build however.

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