[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 16172] Webkit based browsers are no longer able to properly handle form submission in the Siemens 6520 based routers used by Aliant (Canadian ISP)

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Fri Nov 30 04:40:59 PST 2007


------- Comment #7 from frozenecho at gmail.com  2007-11-30 04:40 PDT -------

I'll be sure to run the packet dump tonight when I get home. I'm on the east
coast, so that should still be fairly early to you.

When tech support first advised me of this being a Safari issue, the first
thing I did was test the router interface on the following browsers:

    Safari v3.0.4 (Build 523.12) on OS X 10.4.11
    Safari v3.0.4 (Build 523.12.9) on WinXP SP2
    Shiira v2.2 (Build 070718) on OS X 10.4.11
    OmniWeb v5.6 (Build 613.0.93354) on OS X 10.4.11
    Camino v1.5.3 on OS X 10.4.11
    Firefox v2.0.0.9 on OS X 10.4.11
    Firefox v2.0.0.10 on WinXP SP2
    IE v6.0.2900.2180.xpsp_sp2_gdr on WinXP SP2

I wanted to see if there were any commonalities. When I saw that the same error
occurred in both Safari for mac and Safari for windows, as well as Shiira and
OmniWeb, but not on any other browser, that's what led me to believe that
webkit was the common denominator and thus led me here.

Thanks again for looking into this. I'll be posting that packet dump as soon as
I'm able to.


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