[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 16172] Webkit based browsers are no longer able to properly handle form submission in the Siemens 6520 based routers used by Aliant (Canadian ISP)

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Due to the nature of the issue occuring in the router's interface (and thus not
a publicly accessible website) I saved one of the error prone pages as a
web-archive, and uploaded it to the following:


I then tested the web-archive to ensure that the error would still occur, and
it did. The issue is with the back/cancel/next buttons at the bottom. The error
only occurs when multiple buttons are present. On pages that only have one
button, they work fine. 

David: Unfortunately my technical knowledge is somewhat limited. The reason I
am the one investigating this is because some friends of mine who work in the
technical support group remember that I've used macs longer than most, and none
of them could figure out what the problem is. They don't even have a mac system
to test this on. As far as where the error is occuring, based upon the
response, I believe it is an issue of Safari/Webkit submitting HTTP requests
that the router either cannot handle, or interprets as invalid. 

The message "Form Input - Error: Invalid Submission Value" is generated by the

Now, I realize that it is entirely possible that this error is caused by poor
coding on the router. However, as it worked fine in webkit before v3, and still
works fine in gecko/IE, I figured it would be worth submitting. 

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