[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 16166] Depending on form action enctype, safari stalls badly on 302 redirect

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> Forgive my ignorance... Does a status of resolved mean this has been fixed in a
> nightly, and I am to take this as a nod to download the nightly and perform QA
> tests on the resolution?
> Is there any more detail, just to satisfy my curiosity, as to what is going on,
> and why this happens?  Does it affect other entypes or just the one I noticed? 
> I can certainly look into changing the enctype on my apps that use it in order
> to work around this, however, I would like to know what my options are.

Since the bug is in an internal framework (probably CFNetwork), it's not a part
of WebKit and thus can't be fixed with nightly builds.  Unfortunately, the
visibility into these types of bugs ends with the bug being put into Radar. 
Apple doesn't comment on future releases, so it's hard to say when this bug
will get fixed.  Please know that the correct parties are now aware of the bug,

You can test the behavior for yourself by changing the encoding type on the
form and watching what Safari (via CFNetwork) sends to the web server.  I
*think* this only affects multipart/form-data encoding, but I'm not sure.  It
would be easy for you to test, though, as I mentioned.

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