[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 13033] Copying/pasting links adds unnecessary styles

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------- Comment #6 from fredck at fredck.com  2007-11-23 02:05 PDT -------
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> I agree this is a bug, not sure why the current behavior exists as it does. 
> Probably to maintain good color fidelity when copying/pasting between a site
> and a mail message for instance.

That's the conclusion I had too. But it assumes that the content will always be
used inside a non-styled page.

There are two things that could be considered here to solve it:

 - Copy the link as is if the source is the same document as the target. I
mean, if I copy and paste a link inside the same FCKeditor document, I should
not have changes to it.

 - Implement a way to configure it. Maybe something similar to Firefox's
execCommand('styleWithCSS',true|false,null). In this way we instruct WebKit on
whether maintaining the link color on pasting, or leaving it intact. Maybe a
generic thing like execCommand('autoCorrect',true|false,null) would be even
better, if WebKit is doing also other things automatically, not limited to the
link color thing.

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