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------- Comment #3 from johnnyding.webkit at gmail.com  2007-11-20 11:27 PDT -------
Hi David,

Thanks for your rapid response. 
For this problem, in Gecko/WebKit,they follows W3C standards and add one more
method: void add(in HTMLOptionElement option, in [Optional] unsigned long
(in Gecko: nsIDOMHTMLOptionsCollection.idl, nsIDOMNSHTMLOptionCollectn.idl,
 in WebKit: WebCore/html/HTMLOptionsCollection.h,HTMLOptionsCollection.idl)

In IE, it add more methods to Interface HTMLOptionsCollection   
relative Gecko and WebKit, such as method: void remove( unsigned long index).
So Gecko/Webkit based browsers, like FireFox/Safari, will be failure on some
webpages' functionality which rely the IE specific method "remove" because some
web developer use it on their webpages.

For example, one of Chinese most popular social network community and dating
websites, www.51.com, which is also in top 100 Chinese web sites(based on Alexa
data), use the IE specific method "remove".(see
http://my.51.com/inc/js/global/GlobalProvinces.js, line 22), so Firefox, Safari
all can not use the function about searching by location. Unfortunately, lots
of Chinese websites use the no standard "options.remove", so I think probably
WebKit community should support this function. That's why I am looking this

So far both WebKit source code and latest Safari binary do not support
options.remove, so when will you merge your patch to code tree for supporting
this ?

And yes, I want to do something in WebKit. I was a web browser developer in
China on embedded system. also I had written a desktop browser on windows
platform when I worked on developing mobile browser, which was just a prototype
and compatible with some IE special quirk mode and special DHTML object model.
If you are interesting with it, I can send a demo to you:-) . 

I think the compatibility problem is one of big problems for Chinese user to
use WebKit based browser to surf Chinese websites. After roughly using safari
for test,  more than 50% sites of top 100 Chinese websites (based on Alexa
data) have major or minor layout and functionality problems. Be honest, after
reading WebKit code, I think WebKit is one of best W3 standard support browser
engine, but since IE has very big marketing share in China(maybe also in Asia)
and millions of websites in China mainly support IE, should WebKit do something
for dealing with compatibility problems?

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